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Customized Dedicated Support for High Demand Industries and AC Professionals

Many AC professionals and certain industries such as nursing homes, the hospitality industry, hospitals, and colleges and universities dorms all require extra help when it comes to Colorado PTAC Parts and Units, and many of them across the country count on us for the PTAC parts and units they need. Click below to learn about how we support your industry.

AC Service & Repair Industry

AC Service and Repair Professionals

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Hotels and Motels

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Retirement & Nursing Homes

Nursing and Retirement Homes

College & University Dorms

College and University Dorms

The Key Reasons Why Colorado AC Professionals Choose DWG Air Condition Parts

Because of our Dedicated AC Parts and Equipment Specialists

Our Dedicated Product Specialist are quite possibly the benefit our customers appreciate the most. is their Dedicated Product Specialist. Each of our Dedicated Product Specialist get to know their customers, any special requirements they have, and even the brands and models they often need assistance with. Dedicating a product specialist to each of our customers allows us to help our customers faster and more accurately. It also gives our customers the confidence of dealing with someone who is familiar with them and their needs.

Extensive Product Knowledge and Industry Experience:

Our Dedicated Product Specialists are very experienced and posses many years of industry experience supporting AC professional and high demand industries. They are speaking with manufactures daily, are aware of industry conditions, are knowledgeable and able to cross reference part numbers accurately, and know where to source hard to find parts. This level of experience and industry knowledge gives each of our customers the confidence in knowing that they are dealing with a person who understand their needs and who can efficiently assist them with the AC parts and equipment they need.

AC Parts and Equipment Quotes As Fast As You Need Them

If you urgently need a quote for a replacement ac part or unit, simply let your dedicated product specialist know and they will expedite your quote at no additional cost. We understand urgent needs and are accustomed to helping our hospitality industry customers assure that their hotel rooms are always comfortable for guests, and our nursing home customers are able to keep their residents comfortable and safe.

Shipping Solutions for Any Order

Over the years, we have found that we are able to better serve our customers by shopping for the best shipping rates based on the requirements of the order. For this reason we keep our options open to deal with the carrier who has the best rate rather than contracting with one or two carriers. It only stands to reason; no one carrier delivers to every possible destination in the country the fastest and at the best price. So we use them all.

The Best Price, Period!

Providing the best possible price to our customers is a commitment we made a long time ago. And we achieve this goal by understanding that volume sales and world class service retains customers. This coupled with our ability to source almost any AC parts and equipment at the best possible price allows us to provide our customers with consistently competitive pricing. 

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