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DWG Air Condition Parts is a leader in PTAC support for high demand industries. Colleges and universities, the hospitality industry and nursing homes are just a few of the industries we support. Click below to learn more about how we support your industry.

AC Service & Repair Industry

AC Service and Repair Professionals

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Hotels and Motels

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Retirement & Nursing Homes

Nursing and Retirement Homes

College & University Dorms

College and University Dorms

Why AC Professionals and High Demand Industries Choose DWG Air Condition Parts for Indiana PTAC Parts and Units

A Dedicated Equipment Specialist

Everyone has at one point or another called customer support for help with something; placing an order, questions about an order, etc. And in doing so, ended up speaking with a person who doesn’t know you from Adam, usually has to ask you a bunch of questions to confirm your identity or account info, and after all that, is slow with answers, unsure about how to help you and has to put you on hold while they “check on that”, or the worst, is less familiar with the product they are selling than you are.

This simply does not happen when you call DWG air Condition Parts for support. First of all, you will have a dedicated equipment specialist who will get to know you and your company, and will be familiar with your needs; what equipment your hotel uses, where you are located and the shipping methods you prefer. You will be speaking to the same person every time you call and they will work to be familiar with you and your needs. Our specialists are also seasoned in the industry. They know the details about retrofits, manufacturer mergers and how to cross reference to find the parts you need, the kind of details you know. Your dedicated specialist will become your partner and will make every effort to helping you save money on every order, and saving you time on the phone so you can get back to running your business.

Experience You Can Count On

As we mentioned, our Dedicated Specialists are highly experienced product specialists with many years of experience sourcing OEM ac parts and equipment for our customers from coast to coast. They speak with multiple manufacturers daily, are familiar with important industry conditions, know where to find hard to get parts, and even manufacturers who may be running behind with orders. All of this experience and industry knowledge gives your product specialists the ability to source, quote and ship the parts and equipment you need accurately and as fats as you need them to.

Quote Requests, as fast as you need them

Our normal policy on quote is to return them as quickly as possible. We can generally provide quotes in the afternoon if requested in the morning. If not deffinately by the next morning. If your request is urgent, just let us know and we will expedite the quoting process at no additional charge and provide you with a quote as quickly as possible.

Diverse Shipping Options:

Negotiating volume contracts with one or two shipping companies doesn’t really work for our customers so we don’t do that. What does work is being able to shop all of the carriers to find the fastest option at the lowest shipping costs. No one carrier delivers everywhere, the fastest, and for the best price. So we check with them all, and again, our experience helps us do this quickly.

The Best Price, Period!

At DWG | Air Condition Parts our goal is not just to sell you an AC part or unit, it’s to sell you AC parts and units every time you need them. And we believe that we can achieve this goal by providing you with world class service and the best possible prices. We source parts and equipment at the lowest costs we can find, and we know where to find them. Then we pass that savings along you. Put us to the test the next time you need quality OEM AC parts or units.

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