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The Choice of High Demand Industries and AC Professionals throughout Illinois

Specialized PTAC Parts and Units Support for High Demand Industries

Nursing Homes, Hotels and Motels, Colleges and Universities, and Hospitals all rely heavily on PTAC units to heat and cool 100’s of patient, resident, guest and student rooms. As a result they require specialized PTAC support. We answer this need with extensive PTAC experience, by sourcing hard to find replacement PTAC parts, offering extensive retrofitting options and providing volume discounts. Learn more about how we support your industry below.

AC Service & Repair Industry

AC Service and Repair Professionals

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Hotels and Motels

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Retirement & Nursing Homes

Nursing and Retirement Homes

College & University Dorms

College and University Dorms

Why Illinois AC Professionals and High Demand Industries Partner with DWG | Air Condition Parts

A Dedicated Product Specialist:

The benefit of working with DWG | Air Condition Parts that our customers appreciate the most is their Dedicated Product Specialist. When you need a quote or would like to place an order, you’ll call the same person every time; your dedicated product specialist. The person who is responsible for getting to know you and your business, the brands you prefer and any special arrangements you might require for shipping or billing. At DWG | Air Condition Parts you won’t speak to a different representative every time you call, or a different department for billing or shipping. Your dedicated product specialist will assist you with anything you might need.

Experience and Product Knowledge:

It’s no secret that working or partnering with someone experienced is considerably more productive than with someone who is new to the job. When you call your dedicated product specialist, you’ll be speaking with a senior level member of our team. A person who has worked in the AC Parts and Equipment industry for years and can fluently discuss AC parts and units from numerous manufacturers

Our product specialists deal with all the manufactures regularly, are familiar with important industry conditions, hard to get parts, manufacturers who may be running behind with orders, and other conditions that may impact access to the AC parts and equipment you need. All of this experience and industry knowledge allows us to quickly and efficiently help you, and it gives you the comfort in knowing that you’ll get the right parts and equipment at the best possible prices.

Fast and Accurate Quotes for all Illinois PTAC Parts and Units:

Sometimes, the need for a replacement ac part or unit quote is urgent. If you are in need of an urgent quote, let your dedicated product specialist know when you call. They will do everything they can to expedite your quote. If your quote request is not urgent we typically provide quotes the same day or early the next day.

Cost Effective Shipping Nationwide:

Every order we ship is different, from small switches to rooftop units and cooling towers. We are not contracted with any carrier mainly because there is no one carrier that can ship faster and at a lower cost to any destination, every time. Given all the variables that can effect shipping and delivery costs, we have found that we can assure the best possible shipping rates by shopping the carriers based on your delivery requirements.

The Best AC Parts and Equipment Prices, Period!

At DWG | Air Condition Parts, we have multiple sources for AC parts and AC units all across the country. And we use them all to help you get the parts and units you need at the lowest cost possible. It’s one more reason why so many of our first time customers become our long term customers. Be sure to put us to the test the next time you need quality OEM AC and PTAC parts or units.

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