Friedrich Vert-I-Pak’s

Friedrich Vertipak by DWG

Condition multiple rooms

A single VERT-I-PAK unit may be ducted for flexible zone cooling in multiple rooms.

Concealed installation

Guests will appreciate the homelike feel of a guest room or suite with a hidden cooling system. And, everyone enjoys the benefits and comfort of individual in-room temperature control.

Quieter than exposed cooling options

Because the VERT-I-PAK installs in a typical mechanical closet, units are quieter than other in-room air conditioning options. Even quieter operating sound levels may be achieved by insulating the closet.

Added Value

VERT-I-PAK is less expensive to install and maintain than multiple units for multiple rooms. And energy efficient operation means lower operating costs.

Heat and cool larger areas and common spaces

Available in capacities from 9,000 – 23,000 BTU/h, VERT-I-PAK units can easily cool larger suites and common areas.

Installs as easily as a PTAC

All units are pre-wired, charged and piped, so only electrical hook up is needed to be up and running.

100% run tested prior to shipment

Every unit is tested in every operating mode before it ships for optimal performance and reliability.

Premium Features and Advantages

  • Completely self-contained
  • Ultraquiet operation
  • Unique free-floating chassis
  • Eliminates the clutter of split systems and the need for multiple PTACs
  • No refrigerant lines running from floor to floor
  • Easy installation; does not require an HVAC technician
  • Standard safety power disconnect
  • Electronic control panel on unit for easy diagnostics and servicing
  • All units are shipped (on pallet) with return air filter
  • 24-volt remote thermostat ready
  • High/low fan speed can be selected at thermostat for improved comfort and sound (RT5 thermostat only)
  • 10″ crimped and beaded ductcollar ready to attach flex duct
  • Easy-to-connect, right or left drain connection
  • Installs easily on an outside wall
  • Corrosion resistant interior
  • Easy-to-install front, left, or right hand into closet
  • Compact and lightweight, weighs as little as 125 lbs.


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