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Water Furnace manufactures and sells a variety of geothermal and water source heating and cooling systems, and are the manufacturer of choice for many commercial air conditioning and HVAC applications. In fact, Waterfurnace shocked the industry when it introduced the revolutionary Premier AT product line in 1990. These water source units were the first of their kind with variable speed ECM fan motors, internal electric heat, a custom residential microprocessor board, and scroll compressors. The efficiencies associated with the Premier AT units at the time were so high competitors didn’t believe them.DWG Air Conditioning Parts has been helping AC and HVAC facilities managers and building owners with quality OEM Waterfurnace parts and equipment for years.  At DWG Air Conditioning Parts, we pride ourselves on our ability to assist customers with the Water Furnace equipment and parts they need and get them delivered as quickly as possible. If you are responsible for purchasing, maintaining, engineering or selling geothermal equipment, parts or accessories, contact us for aggressive wholesale pricing on individual and bulk orders at (888) 394-7822 or use the “Quick Quote” form to the left. Thank you for considering Air Condition Parts and we look forward to serving you!

Residential Product Line

Waterfurnace Residential Product Line – (Download Brochure)

Commercial Product Line

Waterfurnace Commercial Product Line – (Download Brochure)
Versatec™ Base – Commercial Water Source Heat Pump (Download Brochure)
Versatec™ Ultra Series – Water Source Heat Pump (Download Brochure)
Envision® Compact – Water Source / Geothermal Heat Pump (Download Brochure)
Envision® Series XL – Water Source / Geothermal Heat Pump (Download Brochure)
Envision® Series Low Sill Console –  Console Air Conditioner (Download Brochure)
Envision® Series Console – Console Air Conditioner (Download Brochure)
Envision™ Series NSW – Hydronic Heat Pump
Envision™ Series NDW – Hydronic Heat Pump
Envision® Series NXW Chiller – High Volume Hot or Chilled Water – Chiller

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