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Tailored PTAC Support for High Demand Industries

Hotels and Motels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Universities are just a few industries that use large numbers of PTAC Units to heat and cool hundreds of rooms and suits. And when it comes to supporting these industries with Virginia PTAC Parts and Units, DWG Air Condition Parts is the perfect partner. Click an industry below to learn more about how we support them.

AC Service & Repair Industry

Virginia PTAC Parts and Units for AC Service and Repair Professionals

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Virginia PTAC Parts and Units for Hotels and Motels

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Virginia PTAC Parts and Units for Hospitals

Retirement & Nursing Homes

Virginia PTAC Parts and Units for Nursing Homes

College & University Dorms

Virginia PTAC Parts and Units for College and University Dorms

5 Key Reasons
Why PTAC High Demand Industries Choose DWG | Air Condition Parts

Dedicated PTAC and AC Parts and Equipment Specialists:

You might be surprised to learn that when you partner with us for wholesale AC parts and equipment, you’ll be working with a dedicated product specialist rather than speaking with a different person every time you call. The reason we assign a dedicated representative to each of our customers is quite logical. If we are familiar with you and your business, the customers you serve, the types of parts and equipment, and brands you typically need assistance with, and any special shipping requirements you have, we can assist you faster and more accurately. It’s a win-win that creates a great business relationship.

Industry and Product Experience:

Partnering with someone experienced in any industry is considerably more productive than partnering with someone who is not so experienced. When you partner with us and one of our dedicated product specialist, you’ll be working with a senior level member of our team. A person who has been involved in the AC parts and equipment industry for years who is extremely well versed with all of the manufacturers and the parts and equipment they provide.

Our product specialists deal directly with all of the manufactures daily, they are aware of industry conditions, parts availability, and other conditions that may affect the availability of parts and equipment. As you can imagine, this knowledge allows your product specialist to quickly and efficiently answer questions and help you get the right parts and units when you need them.

Timely and Accurate Quotes:

The experience we mentioned above also allows us to source ac parts and equipment and provide quotes the same day or early the next day. And if it’s urgent, just let your product specialist know and they will expedite your quote request. We understand the importance of quick quotes when needed.

Delivering the most Cost Effective Shipping Options:

We are not contracted with any single carrier mainly because there is no one carrier that can ship faster and at a lower cost to any destination, every time. Given all the variables that can effect shipping costs from carrier to carrier, we have found that checking shipping rates for your orders with multiple carriers is the most effective way to assure that we are providing the best possible shipping costs for every delivery.

The Best Wholesale Pricing!

At DWG | Air Condition Parts, we work hard to be the first ac parts and equipment distributor you call. We believe that by providing you with world class service and support, and the best possible prices every time you call, we can achieve this goal. Give us a call the next time you need AC parts or equipment and you’ll see why so many of our first time customers become our long term customers.

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