ECR-RetroAire-EMI Vertical PTAC Cabinet Accessories

ECR-RetroAire-EMI Vertical PTAC Cabinet Accessories

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ECR-RetroAire-EMI Vertical PTAC Cabinet Accessories


Wall sleeve — Wall sleeve must accommodate total wall thickness (from inside
surface of wall sleeve opening to surface of outside wall).

Outside louver- — Outside louver attaches to wall sleeve with nuts placed on louver studs.
VPRC/VPRH chassis.

Control panel. Access opening must be on same side of unit as control panel. Thermostat
connection terminal block located here

Optional return access panel assembly.

Return air opening — VPRC/VPRH requires air filter on return air. Filter is located on chassis opening
unless optional return air access panel is used (for these applications, air filter is removed
from chassis — filter is installed on access panel).

In order to provide customers with the correct OEM replacement part or unit, the customer must provide product brand name, model number and serial number. If you do not have this information when ordering, we will make every effort to help you identify the proper replacement part or unit. but cannot guarantee compatibility due to manufacturer updates and other factors.