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Specialized PTAC Support for High Demand Industries

We have taken extra steps to support our high demand Pennsylvania PTAC parts and units customers. Nursing Homes, Hotels and Motels, Colleges and Universities, and Hospitals typically count on large numbers of PTAC units to heat and cool 100’s of resident, guest, student and patient room. As a result they require extra support such as volume discounts, retrofitting options and hard to find replacement PTAC parts. Learn more about how we support your industry below.

AC Service & Repair Industry

AC Service and Repair Professionals

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Hotels and Motels

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Retirement & Nursing Homes

Nursing and Retirement Homes

College & University Dorms

College and University Dorms

Why High Demand Industries and AC Professionals Choose DWG | Air Condition Parts

Dedicated Specialists:

When it comes to ordering AC parts and equipment, most people expect to “Press 1 for sales”, then speak to someone whom they have never spoken with to request a quote or place an order. While operating a sales call center might be efficient for the distributor, it has its downsides for those who need assistance. Enter DWG | Air Condition Parts Dedicated AC Parts and Equipment Specialists.

Imagine calling to get a quote or place an order for parts or equipment from the same person every time you call or need assistance. Someone who knows you by first name, is familiar with your business, or even knows the make and model of the PTAC units in your hotel or nursing home. Know imagine how quick and easy it would be for this person to help you quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the benefits of partnering with a Dedicated AC Parts and Equipment Specialist at DWG | Air Condition Parts.

Product Knowledge, Industry Knowledge and Experience:

At DWG | Air Condition Parts, our dedicated product specialists are senior level staff who do much more than take orders and deliver quotes. While our dedicated product specialists do handle all of the requests and inquiries from their customers, they also speak to AC equipment manufactures regularly to source parts and equipment. This allows them to stay close to current manufacturer and industry conditions that may effect an order. They also shop shipping options daily which provides a vast knowledge of typical shipping costs to destinations all over the country. But most importantly, your dedicated AC Parts and equipment specialist has no less than 10 years of experience assisting AC professionals, facility managers, and those responsible for repairing and replacing AC systems. This broad scope of experience allows us to help you get the parts and equipment you need when you need them.

Rapid Quotes for Pennsylvania PTAC Parts and Units:

Providing a quote can often involve multiple people with many wholesale distributors which can lead to delays. For most, delays mean lost revenues. At DWG | Air Condition Parts, our goal is to provide the quotes you need as fast as you need them. Just let your dedicated specialist know how urgent your request is and they will do everything they can to source the parts or equipment and identify the best shipping option to provide your quote. Even if your quote is not urgent, we typically provide quotes the same day or early the next day.

Shipping and Delivery:

LTL shipping, remote areas and urgency are just a few aspects associated to getting the parts and equipment you need delivered to you. And no one carrier delivers to every area of the country the fastest and at the lowest price. For this reason, we keep all of our options open. Since every order is different, we shop multiple carriers to make sure we get you the best shipping cost possible.

Excellent Wholesale Pricing on the AC Parts and Equipment You Need!

The first time you call us for a quote, you will most likely call a few other AC parts and equipment distributors as well, just to make sure you get the best price available, and we completely understand. But after a you realize how nice it is to speak with the same experienced parts specialist whenever you need to place an order, and always get a very fair price with reasonable shipping costs, and never receive the wrong part, you’ll likely spend a lot less time shopping for parts and equipment and more time running your business. Call DWG | Air Condition Parts for the great service and great pricing, every time.

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