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DWG Air Condition Parts specializes in the quality OEM Oklahoma PTAC Parts and Units for High Demand Industries and AC Pros. Click your industry below to learn more.

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Why The Pros Partner with DWG Air Condition Parts

Experience Dedicated AC Parts and Equipment Support

Need a quote or to place an order, or do you need help identifying the part or unit? simply call your single point of contact at DWG Air Condition Parts and your Dedicated Product Specialist will provide the expert support you need. Dedicating a product specialist to each of our customers makes more sense to us that the traditional call center approach. It gives our customers the confidence of dealing with someone who is familiar with them and their needs and has the experience to help them get the parts and equipment they need quickly and efficiently.

There Simply is No Substitute for Experience

Our Dedicated Product Specialists are highly experienced AC parts and equipment specialists with extensive experience in sourcing OEM ac parts and equipment. They are speaking with manufactures regularly, source parts and equipment from hundreds of sources all over the country, and are familiar with industry and manufacturer conditions that may impact access AC parts and equipment availability. This experience is why so many of our customers continue to call on us for the AC Parts and Equipment Support they need.

Quotes As Fast As You Need Them

Rarely is it possible to place orders for AC parts and equipment without first getting a quote. This is completely understandable and it’s why our internal quoting process is streamlined. Each of our equipment specialists are senior level members of our team. They are extremely experienced and knowledgeable with all manufacturers and will accept your quote request, source your parts or equipment at the best prices, shop and locate the best options for shipping options, and provide your quote usually the same day or early the next morning. One person, not a whole department with multiple levels of approval. It’s just one more reason our customers prefer the way we support them.

Keeping Your “Total Cost” As Low As Possible

Shipping costs can be a significant portion of the costs associated to getting the parts and equipment you need. We’ve been arranging shipping for years and know that it makes no sense to source AC parts and equipment on the east coast when it needs to be shipped to the west coast. We view shipping cost as important as the costs of parts and equipment. So we source parts and equipment as close to you as possible and drop ship directly from the source. This allows us to provide the best over all costs. We’re committed to keeping the total cost of every order as low as possible.

The Best Price, Period!

We don’t just promise the best wholesale prices and shipping rates, we deliver them. It’s been our business model for years; deliver the best total cost for every order and earn our customer’s business. We prefer long term relationships with our customers and believe that if we help your business grow, you’ll will help us grow. It’s a pretty simple concept and it’s a lot easier than constantly monitoring our competitors and spending thousands on marketing. We’d rather invest in your business because we know it will come back to us in the long run.

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