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McQuay Air Conditioning Equipment and Parts by DWGIf  you’re searching for McQuay AC Equipment and Parts, you’ve come to the right place. DWG is a leading supplier of McQuay* AC Equipment and Parts. We specialize in locating any McQuay part. Even those hard to find or so-called obsolete parts faster and at the best price, period. Whether you’re building a new facility, replacing old units or repairing existing equipment, save money and time by making DWG your first choice for McQuay* AC Parts and Equipment.

McQuay* Air Conditioning was purchased and is now a part of Diakin Industries. However McQuay* still operates under its Original name of McQuay* Air Conditioning and is still the second largest HVAC company in the world with over six million square feet of manufacturing in over 75 different countries around the world. McQuay* Air Conditioning manufactures HVAC and AC equipment such as packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) units and parts, chillers, air handlers, condensing units, coils, fan coils, rooftop HVAC and AC systems, unit ventilators and water source heat pumps. For a number of decades, McQuay* was the leading provider of PTAC units for thousands of hotels and motels, schools and colleges, and assisted living facilities around the world. So don’t be surprised if the next PTAC unit you are called to service or need to replace is a McQuay* PTAC. And when you do…Call DWG!

At DWG, our ac equipment and parts experts are quite familiar with McQuay* AC Parts and Equipment and understand the needs of our mechanical and HVAC equipment contractors. We are also very happy to help facilities managers and hotel owners locate the McQuay* AC Equipment they need fast and affordably. Be sure to contact us before placing your next order. We look forward to assisting you.

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