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PTAC Equipment and Parts for Hospitals by DWGAs a hospital facilities manager or company responsible for ensuring that the heating and cooling of patient rooms is fully operational and comfortable at all times, you know the importance of a reliable heating and cooling equipment supplier.

At DWG we specialize in the air conditioning equipment you depend on every day. We supply hospitals all over the U.S. with HVAC Equipment and Parts, Hospital PTAC Air Conditioners and Parts, and often, those so-called “obsolete” parts. Our parts specialist work with AC Pros and Facility managers every day and are fully versed in cross referencing part numbers to correctly identify the air conditioning equipment and parts you need. And can get them to you over night if necessary, directly from the manufacturers.

We want to be your partner for all of your heating and cooling equipment and replacement parts, so be sure
to check with DWG Air Conditioning Parts When You Need Quality New Or Replacement OEM AC and Hospital PTAC Air Conditioners and Parts!

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All Types of Hospital PTAC Air Conditioners

VPAC Air Conditioners for HospitalsHospital PTAC Air Conditioners and PartsCall us for Any Hospital PTAC Air Conditioner Make, Model, or Size. Even the older, hard to find replacement units or parts!

Parts for Hospital PTAC Air Conditioners and HVAC Equipment


AC Compressors For All Brands

While we are pleased to offer quality replacement compressors for your newer model PTAC units and HVAC systems, we can also help you locate those hard to find compressors. With so many oem and aftermarket parts manufacturers, it’s can be difficult to identify the replacement compressor you need, especially for older units. This is where our experience makes the difference. Call us for the right equipment the first time, and for the best price period!


Fan and Blower Motors For All Models

Like most commonly needed ac replacement parts, there are countless options for replacement AC fan motors and blower motors. The good news is that we can help you identify the right motor for your equipment. Better yet, we’ll help you locate a quality replacement electric motor at the best possible price. We offer blower motors for every make and model. Be sure to check with us before ordering your next replacement AC electric motor.


Thermostats for any AC System

We offer thermostats for any system. Digital thermostats, more traditional replacement options to help match current styles, and even today’s most advanced wireless thermostat systems. Whether you’re installing a completely new HVAC systems or have a need to replace an older model thermostat, be sure to check with us. Our air conditioning parts specialists will help you identify the perfect solution at the best possible price.


PTAC Replacement Blowers and Fans

Again, due to the sheer number of different systems and units in use today at nursing homes all over the country, there are an equally vast number of fan and blower replacement options for PTAC units, and HVAC systems. At Air Conditioning Parts, we can help you with any of them. let our parts specialists help you find the right replacement fan or blower at the best possible price.

PTAC Replacement Switches for Hospital PTAC Air COnditionersHospital PTAC Air Conditioner Replacement Switches

Another commonly needed A/C unit replacement part is switches. Many of our nursing home customers buy these at special pricing in bulk because of their low price. Typically we can provide multiple choices for switches
depending on the part number, and can have them to you in no time. Call our A/C Part specialists for the
replacement switches you need.

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