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The industries below often require extra support when it comes to California PTAC Parts and Units. And we have tailored services designed specifically to help them get the AC parts and equipment they need. Click to learn more about how we support these industries.

AC Service & Repair Industry

AC Service and Repair Professionals

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Hotels and Motels

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Retirement & Nursing Homes

Nursing and Retirement Homes

College & University Dorms

College and University Dorms

Why the Professionals Choose
DWG Air Condition Parts

A Dedicated Specialist:

Call centers. We all know them well. Sometimes located in the US and often located off-shore. One thing you can count when calling for support from a distributor who supports their customers in this manner is speaking to a different person every time you call. And having to identify yourself and usually explaining the parts or equipment you need to a person who is completely unfamiliar with you or your company.

At DWG Air Condition Parts we believe there is a better way to assist our customers. Imagine calling your ac equipment distributor and speaking with a person who knows you by first name, and knows your business and the types of parts you often need or the units you have. A specialist who has been supporting industry professionals just like you for years, who knows what is going on in the industry, knows ac parts and equipment like the back of their hand, and knows exactly how to help you get the parts and equipment you need. This is the level of service our customers enjoy every day from their “Dedicated AC Equipment Specialist”. Call us the next time you need ac parts or equipment and you’ll learn first hand why most of our customers have been with us for years.

Experience and In-Depth Product Knowledge:

Our Dedicated Product Specialists are highly experienced and have years of experience sourcing OEM ac parts and equipment for our customers. They deal with all the manufactures constantly and are tuned in to our industry, where to source hard to get parts, manufacturers who may be running behind with orders, and circumstances that may impact access to the AC parts and equipment you need and how to avoid them. This experience and industry knowledge allows us to consistently deliver the world class support you need.

Fast and Accurate Quotes:

While not every quote request is needed urgently, sometimes our customer need a quote as quickly as possible. And when this is the case, we expedite our quoting process at no additional cost. We understand that a hotel room without heating or cooling is not acceptable and will do everything we can to help you get the parts and equipment you need ordered as quickly as possible.

A Full Suite of Shipping Options:

At DWG Air Condition Parts, we use all the major carriers so we are able to accommodate almost any shipping requirement from ground to overnight, and to almost any destination in the country. We’ll shop to identify the carrier that best suits your order based on shipping rates and urgency so you always know you are receiving the best shipping solution.

The Best Price, Period!

At DWG Air Condition Parts our goal is not just to sell you an AC replacement part or AC unit, it’s to be the AC distributor you call every time you need AC parts and equipment. We accomplish this by providing you with world class service and the best possible prices. We know where to find the AC Parts and Equipment you need quickly and at the best possible prices. And we pass that savings along to our customers. It’s why so many of our first time customers become our long time customers. Call us for a quote the next time you need quality OEM AC parts or units.

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